Thanksgiving Story by Alexia

“Today is Thanksgiving,” the people all said with a great feeling.They couldn’t wait to eat the corn, stuffing, mash potatoes, cranberry, pumpkin pie, salad, rolls with melted butter, sparkling water ,and do not forget the TURKEY !!! One person named Dillon paused and thought for a moment and said ”We do not have any Thanksgiving turkey!” He got hunters to get the biggest turkey ever. While the hunters were hunting the turkey, we cooked the food a set the table and put pumpkins and decorations . The hunters came back, but with no turkey. The people were really sad. One person named Ally came up and said, ”what’s Thanksgiving without turkey? What are we going to do?” the people shouted with fear. Ally stepped down and walked away with hunting items into the woods. The people were wondering why? They thought, ”hmmmmm”. The boy, Dillon, said ”no worries she has hunting items she wont get hurt . The people were still mad about not having any turkey. “Ally is back , and has a TURKEY!!!!!” the people said in surprise.They cooked the turkey. When the turkey was done they put it on the table along with the other food. The people went to wash their hands and when they came back to eat the food the turkey was gone! Dillon said, ”now what are we going to eat.” Ally had an idea,’ ‘we can eat chicken it’s very similar to turkey.” The people agreed . So they had chicken and said a prayer about being thankful. The end.

Story written by Alexia Trio 9 years old from Ocean Bay Elementary School

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The Cooper House

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The Cooper House

Just had our December 1st booking call to postpone their wedding. Who needs the space? ... See MoreSee Less

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Tiffany Cooper

Amy Christine

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The Cooper House

November is our Anniversary month!
Hard to believe it has been 2 years since we took over the property.
Thank you to everyone who has supported us so far!
If you have had an event with us during our time please comment with a photo from your time at The Coop.
We look forward to many more years of wonderful events.
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Best day ever! So glad we could celebrate at such a beautiful place!Thank you Marnie!!

Such a beautiful place

The best place for a wedding and Marnie Kennedy is the best made the day even better . Thank you 😍

You have brought some good life and love back to that property....thank you and many more years ahead!!!

My daughters sweet 16 was amazing! A night her and all of her friends will remember forever. Happy 2nd year Anniversary ❤

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